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Welcome to Hydra Productions!

I am so happy that your search for author services or a publisher has led you to us. Why? Because I love authors. In fact, I am an author myself, and I can guarantee no matter how many services you use of ours that I will be cheering you on just as hard as your readers and your friends. I believe in helping authors in a more personal way because sometimes, friendly support is worth just as much as a good editor.

So, how can we help authors become better at what they do? We offer a full range of author services for those who prefer to self-publish or already have a long-term contract elsewhere. From editing to graphics and formatting, we can do it all.

Hydra Publications also proudly offers traditional publishing services for those looking for a publisher to support them in their book business from start to finish. The submissions process is simple.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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