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Social Media...a necessary evil in the modern world.

Social media is one of the most common services authors ask for. Why? It can be both a fun and amazing tool and the bane of your existence depending on how you see it. Whether it's time, lack of understanding, or because social media just isn't your thing, our social media managers can take over for you. With multiple packages, we can help make a plan that works for you.


*Prices are monthly

Facebook Only: 30 posts = $60, 60 posts = $100

Facebook & Instagram: 30 posts = $75, 60 posts = $125, 90-150 posts = $185

**Add a BRANDED package to the 90-150 posts plan for a total of $260, this will include fully branded images as well as a free logo and mood board

***Add Reels to any FB&Insta plan by doubling the price


Videos Only - $2/video with a 10 video minimum

****MUST provide quotes and images

Pulling & formatting quotes ONLY - $125 per book

Full Management prices are monthly and include account creation, interaction, pulling quotes, creating videos, and sourcing images. Full account control is required for algorithmic purposes.

30 posts = $120 (add Reels for $25), 60 posts = $200 (as Reels for $50), 90 posts = $325 (add Reels for $75)

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