Creating a book that readers love can be hard; our experts are here to take away the guesswork.

Whether you're having a hard time creating a blurb that sells, a compelling plot that sticks it at every point, or lack the time or confidence to write that next bestselling idea, Hydra Productions Online LLC can provide top-notch, discreet services that will have your readers saying: "Wow!"

Our head ghostwriter has 10 years of experience writing non-fiction, romance of all heat levels, all niches of fantasy, and mystery. Some of the books she has written quietly, in the shadows, have gone on to hit the NY Times bestseller list. And she has been training all of our ghostwriters in her secret techniques for books that meet a customer's highest expectations.  

All you have to do to get started is put down a 25% deposit!

                                                                    Blurb Writing - $25                                Simple Plot Points - $50

                                                         Chapter By Chapter Outline - $115          Novella/Novel - $0.25/word

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