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The Feeling of the First Published Book

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

By Author LaKeah Shannelle

My first book was Lady’s Story. It’s a group of poetry that expresses my growth as a woman. Some of the poetry is very heartfelt, and some, very sexy. I think it symbolizes who I am very well.

I can be a very complex woman, and I am not always so quick to express my feelings. So for me to show the world not just my sensual side, but my anger, as well as my insecurity, was a push for me.

Revenant was my second published book, but it is my heart. My baby, in a sense.

It was a long road for me to get it published.

I dreamed of Revenant one night when my oldest was a baby. I instantly began to write down my ideas and attempt to write it. There were so many unfortunate events that led to me having to start over three times. Lost items from a move, a family member that tossed out my items vindictively, and a stolen computer built the background for Revenant’s edge. Each rewrite became edgier and came together better each time.

Being a new author I was excited to finally publish, but with Hydra, I have learned so much and decided recently to have another rewrite. The final rewrite. And I am finally all the way settled and happy with the results.

The feelings I have from being able to write and share it with the world; they are unexplainable. It is a peace and a sense of calm in my sometimes erratic life. I’ve survived a lot of hurts and pain, and writing gives me purpose and it gives me life. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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