You want your manuscript to impress, and we can help you with that...

     Editing services are arguably the most important step in the publishing process. Why? If a manuscript is not polished to perfection, readers notice. Needing an editor does not make you a bad writer. It is easy to miss small mistakes throughout your own writing.

     Hydra Productions offers editing for manuscripts of all types. We offer both proofreading services and full editing services at a practically unbeatable price in the industry. The best part is that our head editor has nine years of professional experience working for publishers, authors, and Internet marketing companies, and has trained all our other editors in her techniques.

Proofreading - $0.0075/word

Line Edits/Content Edits - $0.009/word

Plot/Developmental Edits - $0.0125/word

Combined Package - $0.025/word

*** Payment plans available

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