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Hydra Productions Online LLC is an author services company owned and operated by a married couple who have a passion for marketing and writing. 

Raven, the COO, has been ghostwriting, editing, and marketing since 2011 and now holds the title of USA Today Bestselling Author. With three successful pen names, a background in SEO, and many years of teaching children and young adults how to read and write, she knows the ins and outs of being an author, including the struggle. 

Eric, CFO, is a gamer with a business mind having been in retail management for over a decade, updating processes to better serve customers and employees. His classes in graphic design also give him an edge when it comes to knowing what readers look for in advertising graphics and book covers.

Opened in early 2018, Hydra's business model has been helping authors who are disenchanted with the costs of self-publishing and the uncertainty of other small publishers. Our goal is to grow as a family of authors, reaching new heights together and lifting up one another. When our authors succeed, we succeed, and that is how it should be.  

Together with our published authors who have learned the business, we can offer a multitude of services such as editing, formatting, ready-made plots, and more. All services may be bought a la carte, or we offer various packages to fit individual needs.

Our Team

Raven - Owner, COO, & Marketing Specialist

Raven is a mother and past educator who grew up with a love for the written word and escaping into other worlds through books. 

She brings to the table experience in Internet Marketing, editing, ghostwriting, blurb creation, and SEO. 

She, herself, is an author currently operating two pen names in various genres and loves helping other authors succeed with the changing world of publishing.




Eric - Owner, CFO, & Graphics Specialist

Eric is a father who grew up in the south finding a great love for art, books, music, and games. 

He brings to the table many years in management and an eye for graphic design. He hopes to one day be brave enough to put his own words out there, but for now, he loves making the dreams of

authors come true. 




Lanie - Executive Assistant

Lanie is a crazy, fun southern mama with a go-getter attitude. She loves learning and helping with the executive functions of the business. As an essential member of the team, she helps keep Hydra running from behind the scenes when the owners are overwhelmed. ​




Paige - Customer Service Manager

Paige is a mother first and foremost, but she loves to dabble in everything she can get her hands on. Quite the overachiever, there is almost no challenge she will not accept, including taking on the role of helping directly in the daily operations of the company as it grows. 

Both a caring and hard working individual, she loves to watch her fellow authors succeed. 


Lianne - Media Specialist/Owner M24M

Lianne is an ambitious mother living in a small town with big dreams. 

An author herself, she has recently decided to dive into the business side of things head first by opening her own publishing imprint under Hydra Productions as well as offering her media skills to provide trailers and teasers for authors.

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