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10 Inexpensive Poe & Goth Inspired Decorations for Your Little Black Heart

If you're anything like me, you have always wanted a goth inspired room - heck a whole HOUSE done up like it's Halloween every darn day. Recently, I have been making little wish lists everywhere of items to start my collection. I thought I would share some things under $30 I found around the Internet on places like Wish, Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy to help you get inspired as well!

1. Sip your black coffee or tea in style with these so-Poe coasters for under $20

2. Give your home both a new age Industrial feel and a Victorian charm with these vintage elbow hooks for hanging coats or whatever your goth heart desires for less than $19

3. Some people like to hang an inspirational or religious figure above the fireplace - get your inspiration from one of the best goth quotes ever for less than $10

4. Nothing says woke emo better than a vintage copy of some of Poe's best sitting on your coffee table (especially when it out you out less than a week's worth of that "better than Starbucks" coffee)

5. Is it time for Halloween? Maybe the Time Warp? Let everyone know with this coffin clock that is about as spooky in a good way as it gets.

6. You may not be able to afford that Victorian chandelier you have always wanted, but with this quality decal you can pretend for $15.

7. Some might hate sleeping with spiders, but not you, you creepy gal/guy ;)

8. Mad hatter's tea, anyone? Always with a dash of Poe-try.

9. For less than $30 you can take all the darkness into the bedroom with you and sleep with it tucked right under your little skull.

10. Finally, you can't have a goth/Poe house without the smell of it, and this candle is serving all the dark haunted soul you need.

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