Writing Workshops

Want to improve your craft or learn how to write in a new genre? Hydra Productions offers a number of workshops to help you. Most workshops begin as soon as we have at least 5 enrollees or on the dates listed, whichever comes first. You must have a Facebook account to participate. In order to enroll, please send the correct payment on Paypal to hydraproductions2018@gmail.com along with your name, Facebook link, and the class you are wanting. 

Beginner's Marketing Workshop

Are you new to the author community and feeling a little lost as to how to get your name out there? This class covers tips and tricks on how to market for a new author, up to 10 books released, for cheap or free. This class is $30. Begins September 1, 2018.

Write a Novel in 2 Weeks Workshop

Do you think you have what it takes? A ghostwriter with ears of experience can teach you how to write a novel in 2 weeks (including outlining and editing)! This class is $50. Begins August 1, 2018.

Outlining Workshop

Outlining can be a valuable tool, especially if you find yourself working with a developmental editor. This class specifically walks you through the process of making a good outline. This class is $15. Begins October 1, 2018.

Fantasy Creatures & Worlds Workshop

Want to write fantasy or paranormal but don't know how to make unique and believable characters and worlds? This course goes in depth with character and world building for these genres with someone who has been wtiting these genres for many years. This class is $35. A special October only class. 

Hydra Awards & Contests

Hone your skills even more for a chance to win an award!

Hydra Annual Best Authors & Artists Awards

This awards ceremony is an online one where categories will have nominations that are voted on. This will be run on Facebook and entirely free. Catch it every February. Winners get certificates as well as a graphic to put on future books. 


Publishing Contract Contest

Things you've got what it takes to get published by Hydra? Every summer and winter we will hold this contest with an entry fee of $40 which can be waived with proof of taking one of our classes. The winner automatically gets a contract with us to publish within 6 weeks!