Seven Minutes to Love

Breaking All His Rules #4 by Lucy Ravens


There's no manual on how to be a rock star and a single dad, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't involve having the hots for the nanny.

Oops...too late.

Just like most people, my college days were spent making mistakes and experimenting, and that inlcuded two pretty big events in my life:

1. Having a son with my college girlfriend.

2. Finding out I like guys when I spent Seven Minutes in Heaven with my crush, Dean.

Now, I have made something of myself, travelling in a bus around the country, making a living off my music, but I also still have to be a dad. And when my son's mother does something noble - like join the military, of course I say I'll look after our son. But the road isn't easy with a kid.

So, my manager helps me hire a nanny. Only, the nanny is none other than Dean, my college crush.

This just got interesting.

HEA MM romance with single dads, awkward, sweet, & steamy moments, and a hot rockstar!

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