​What if he invited them all to dinner to never show; instead, they will give him one final show...

Nine guests find themselves around the dinner table awaiting E.A. Perry's latest writing project announcement only to find that their host is crazed following the death of his beloved. And now, these guests will become the entertainment at the end of it all - a legacy to leave behind for a troubled and intriguing gentleman.

Enter the Victorian house of horrors where these strangers must work together to face the ultimate escape room if they wish to make it out alive. With rain pelting down around the manor, a night that never ends, and secrets they never wanted revealed, these unfortunate companions must solve puzzles, trudge through oceans of blood, and face the agony of their sins as they are trapped in a neverending tale spun by the master himself.

What is real and what is not, and who will survive the stroke of ink on the final pages of Perry's life?