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In the Lunar Court, Audrey soon learns you can NEVER trust the Fae.

Despised in her own home, Audrey is the target of a stepfamily that treats her as little more than a slave. So when an incident that threatens her life leads her to lottery to be selected by the fae court, she doesn’t run…though, she should.

Turns out, life can get worse. And it comes in the form of being a low-class human selected as a wife to a fae lord.

Soon, Audrey discovers none of this is the fairytale everyone believes it to be. And when she accidentally saves a life with a power no human should have, her fate shifts in even more dangerous and unpredictable ways.

The humans don’t want her. The fae court doesn’t know what to do with her. And everyone wants her dead.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas, Elisa Kova, and Holly Black will be on the edge of their seats with this new fantasy romance fairytale retelling.

Download now to find out what secrets Audrey's power and the Lunar Court hold.

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